Who we are

LaRu Coffee Essentials is a one stop shop for coffee lovers! Situated in Rietondale, Pretoria. It is the perfect spot were suburb meets city.

What we do

We aim to offer the best in barista training and to be a reliable supplier of some of the top quality beverage machines on the market. LaRu Coffee Essentials can also add some kick to your events with our mobile coffee bars.


We have Professional Baristas on a mobile coffee bar, perfect for events such as:


Social Gatherings

Sport Events


Corporate Parties


By dealing with 100 Arabica Beans, we source coffee beans from different countries. We sell both Single Origin and Blends available in different quantities. We roast coffee beans from various counties to different levels such as:

Light Roast

Medium Roast

Dark Roast

Need us to cater your next event?

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