Barista Courses

Thank you for your inquiry regarding the barista courses.

We will be doing weekly 3 day courses. These courses will have the following modules:

Introductory Barista

History of coffee beans and origins

Equipment identification

Coffee machine and a grinder

Coffee machine and a grinder

Coffee machine and a grinder

Equipment cleaning

Shot pulling skills

Milk frothing and steaming

Latte art

Professional Barista 

History of coffee

Roasting levels

Equipment identification

Shot pulling

Trouble shooting

Checking water quality

Grinder adjustment and dosage

Milk chemistry

Latte art

Making patterns on coffee (Garnish)

Drink recipes


Customer service skills

and more…

Waitron Course

Pre-preperation for FnB Service

Discussing menu in brief

Cleaning and polishing service equipment

Seating guests in restaurant

Taking orders

Order checking methods

Serving food and drink

Clearing food and equipment

Billing & receiving payment

Walking guests out of restaurant

Filling in reconciliation sheets

Great waitron ethics

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